Air Mask Active

Increase the benefits of your active lifestyle

You breathe up to 8x more air when you're active. Gain immediate health benefits with the ultimate workout partner.

Exercise enhances your health
Air pollution has the opposite effect


Up your performance, elevate your health

Whether you are biking next to heavy duty traffic or running in the middle of New York City, Air Mask Active got you covered. KN95 industrial certified protection to beat the bad air around you and increase the benefits of your exercise.

Improve wellness

Breathing clean air and excercise has many benefits in-common, they both work as an anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce the stress levels in your body.

Gain energy

The oxygen level of our blood increases when we are getting fresh air. The blood supplies this oxygen to our brain and as a result it stimulates our alertness.

Enhance your focus

Cleaner and higher oxygen levels mean more of it circulates to your brain, which helps improves your ability to concentrate and remember information.

Sleep better

Air pollution affects the parts of the brain and central nervous system that control breathing patterns and sleep. By breathing clean air you can fall and stay asleep easier.


Fresh air, supercharged by five-layer filter tech

The multi-layer filter technology is tested in world-class Research Institutes of Sweden with results showing 99.9% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size.

Active carbon layer

Filter gases and reduces odor

1st electro charged layer

Filters smaller PM2.5, dust and bacteria

Outside PP Layer

Outside filter wrapping in durable finish

2nd electro charged layer

Filters larger PM10, pollen and other allergens

Inside PP Layer

Inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish

Engineered to go all out in the concrete jungle


Breathtaking breathability

Wick away moisture and breathe easy with knitted mesh material. Airflow and breathability are maximized by our largest exhalation valve.

Exhalation valve

Airflow and breathability are maximized by our largest exhalation valve.


Wick away moisture and breathe easy with breathable knitted mesh material.

Mask frame

For minimal interference, an adaptable frame secures the mask in place.

One step at a time

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first bike ride in a while or if you’re an ultra runner, it’s about how you want to feel. Wellness is for everyone regardless of the intensity of your active lifestyle.


Buy once, wear a lifetime

Reusable mask skin treated with Polygiene® ViralOff™ Technology to maintain freshness without the need for unnecessary washing. We prioritize sourced materials carefully.

Mask skin

Treated with Polygiene®, an antimicrobial fabric treatment.

3D silicone

3D silicone on the frame molds the mask to the shape of your face.

Replaceable filters

Long lasting and replaceable filters.

A whole new ball game

The future is here to play and the name of the game will never be the same. Keeping ahead of competition is hard work and that's what Airinum, in its vital support has always been best at, in order to safeguard your health.

Air Mask Active

The ultimate workout partner

The Air Mask Active is our most advanced air mask to date, offering outstanding breathability, fit and protection during all activities.

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