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Air Mask Lite
Air Mask Lite
Air Mask Lite
Air Mask Lite
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Air Mask Lite

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Enjoy freedom of breath with the Air Mask Lite. Our most sustainable mask blends certified protection with lightweight comfort and superb breathability. Crafted with an airy 3D mesh material, the Air Mask Lite includes adjustable features for a secure, personalized fit. The reuseable mask skin is treated with Polygiene® ViralOff™ Technology to keep it fresh and free of microbes, bacteria and fungi and reduce the need for washing after every use.

Product highlights



CE (FFP2) · KN95

Certified protection rigorously tested at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Mask skin

Stays fresh and clear of unwanted microbes, bacteria and fungi thanks to Polygiene® ViralOff™ Technology.

3D nose foam

Minimize air leakage with an adjustable nose clip and 3D memory nose foam.

Custom fit

Ergonomic shape and adjustable functions for a fit that feels entirely custom.

UPF 50+

UPF 50 provides the highest possible protection against damaging UV rays.

Ear loops

Create a personalized fit around the face with elastic earloops.

Head clip

Relieve pressure around your ears with the detachable head clip.

3D mesh material

Enjoy a cool, comfortable feeling with the lightweight, breathable 3D mesh material.

Reusable mask skin

Treated with Polygiene® ViralOff™ Technology to maintain freshness without the need for unnecessary washing

Replaceable filters

Long lasting & replaceable filters

Recycled material

Sustainable & long-lasting mesh material made from recycled polyester yarn.

Recycled packaging

Fully recyclable packaging made from 70% recycled material

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