About us


In the fall of 2014, co-founder Alexander moved from Sweden to India. The people, the scents and the food created a life that was uniquely colourful, but there was something that troubled him. His long-gone asthma had started to come back since moving to India. He realized he was becoming another victim of air pollution.

After searching for a means to protect himself, Alex found that wearing an anti-pollution breathing mask was the most effective way. To his surprise, however, most of the masks on the market were very basic and far from perfect in their construction. Their designs were primitive, reminiscent of the masks worn by dentists or miners. Not something you would want to wear everyday.

Coming back from Asia, Alexander discussed this problem with his old friends Fredrik, Johannes and Mehdi. Living in Sweden, clean air was something they all took for granted. Now, realizing that everyone can’t breathe clean and healthy Scandinavian air, they decided to do something about it. Airinum was born.



Airinum seeks to make the world a place where people can live happier and healthier lives by breathing better air. To achieve this vision, we strive to empower individuals to breathe clean air through innovative products and by raising awareness about air quality.

With associations to Platinum, which is one of the most premium and strongest metals in the world, Airinum is a merger between ‘air’ and ‘inum’, signifying the highest quality of pure air.


Air is the gasp as your team scores and the mist rolling over hills towards hikers beating dawn. Air is soft on the skin after a run and hard on the lungs when you’ve done your best to beat your time. Air is a fire heating your home, or yawning on a Sunday morning, and crying at characters on a screen you barely know. Because, air is life and air is us; it creates heath, it creates happiness. When air is pure.

Air is the fumes from car exhausts that fill your lungs with warm pollutants, and the particles that cling to skin and eyes, that itch and make you cough. Air is the germs that spread epidemics and the smog in the sky, that hangs over cities like great dark warnings for loved ones in hospital beds, with lung cancer, asthma or death. When air is polluted.

Air is a choice. We help you make the right one.