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care about air?

We talk a lot about drinking clean water, eating healthy food, as well as the importance of protecting our skin. But, what about the air we breathe? Air is the most fundamental necessity, yet we rarely think twice about the air we inhale.

3 minutes

Is the amount of time you can survive without breathing.

3 days

Is the amount of time you can survive without drinking.

3 weeks

Is the amount of time you can survive without eating.

You inhale 20,000 times every day.
Yet, 99% of the worlds population breathe unhealthy air.



The biggest threats are a mix of pollution, allergens, and pathogens. The air you breathe fills your lungs, enters the blood, and ultimately powers every cell in your body. But invisible microparticles and gases also enter your body and clog your system, impeding your overall well-being. Latest research has shown that these various types of particles have been found in the lungs, heart, and even the brain.


the invisible

Whether you are struggling with allergies, tackling pet dander, aiming to reduce bacteria levels, or simply wish to improve air quality – Hale is the answer.


Filters out particulate matter (PM), such as smoke and gases, for a noticeably cleaner and healthier indoor environment.


Effectively removes pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander, making your space a haven for allergy sufferers.


Engineered to filter out airborne particles such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Your Personal

Clean Air Zone

The benefits of

clean air

By purifying your space and shielding against toxic particles to enter your body, your health level can be improved to a whole new level.

Mental well-being

Clean air is proven to have a positive impact on your mental health and cognitive clarity. It can also reduce stress levels, enhance your mood, and deliver rejuvenated sleep.

Physical health

Redefine your approach to vitality. Clean air can boost your cardiovascular and respiratory health, optimizing your energy, performance, and focus.


Designed for long-term health benefits. Clean air supports a strong immune system, vital for fighting off illness. It also helps children's development and can improve lung function, contributing to overall well-being throughout your life.


Air Zone

Engineered for your health.

Advanced purification

Our advanced HEPA filter technology with an activated carbon layer that eliminates unwanted particles, ensuring you breathe clean air.

Personal airflow

Experience our advanced 7-level airflow system. More than a purifier, the airflow levels create a light breeze to cool your personal environment when used on highest level.

Smart sensor

The filter replacement sensor flashes a red light when it's time to change your filter for optimal protection.



Personalized for every journey.


Compact and lightweight, it's designed for effortless portability and fits perfectly in most cup holders. Weighing less than 0.5kg (1.1lb).


Tailor it to your comfort and needs with the flexible stand, accommodating various angles for your convenience.


Silent yet powerful, Hale operates at a whisper-quiet 33.7 dB(A), ensuring minimal disturbance on sleep mode. Enjoy clean air without compromising on peace and quiet.



Easy to use, hard to break.


Experience a high-quality aluminum body for a premium feel.


User-friendly with no apps needed, just a single aluminum ring for full control.


Designed for sustainability, it operates only when necessary, unlike traditional air purifiers that consume excessive energy cleaning unoccupied rooms throughout the day.

Particle filtration


Bacteria & virus



Dust & pet dander

Carbon filtration



Cooking odors

Smoke odors

Pet odors


your personal space

The multi-layer filter technology filters out 99% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns within your personal space.

This chart shows a simulation of Hale's purification of 0.3µm particles versus natural decay without it.

Improved productivity 

Enhancing indoor air quality can significantly boost cognitive performance and productivity—up to 60% from just cleaner air at your desk.

Boosted sleep quality

Air purifiers or enhancing room ventilation significantly improves sleep quality, leading to better rest and sharper cognitive function the next day.

Clean air, brighter futures

Cleaner air can significantly enhance children’s cognitive development and learning capabilities.

Breathe easy amongst furry friends

Reducing pet dander in your home can significantly alleviate allergies and improve air quality, enhancing overall health.

Clean air, healthy travels

Extending the use of these purifiers to trains, airplanes, and even hotel rooms can further protect health during travel, ensuring a healthier environment not just on daily commutes but also during work trips or vacations, making every journey safer and clean

Air quality impact on your skin health

Pollutants in the air can lead to skin aging, increased sensitivity, and conditions like acne and eczema. Clean air can help in reducing these risks by minimizing your skin's exposure to harmful particulates and chemicals that can damage skin cells

Elevate your