Kids masks

Kids masks

You stay ahead of the trends, now your kids can too. World's most advanced face masks for kids to help protect from air pollution, bacteria, viruses, respiratory diseases, the sun, pollen, smoke and wildfires

The science behind our masks

A healthy dose of knowledge of how our masks keeps you healthy

Urban Air Mask 2.0

Our most advanced protection & comfort with valves for easy breathing and adjustable straps.

Lite Air Mask

Advanced protection & lightweight comfort in a lightweight airy 3D air mesh material.

Urban Air Mask 2.0

Lite Air Mask

Quick look


Filtering efficiency

Tested at the RISE R&D center in Sweden


Filtering efficiency

Tested at the RISE R&D center in Sweden


Fine, breathable material for exclusive look and untroubled breathing


Airy 3D mesh material for a cool feel and easy breathing

Exhalation valves

Sealable exhalation valves for optimal breathability

Ear loops

Elastic earloops

Ear loops

Elastic earloops

Head strap

Detachable and adjustable head strap


IP protected & award-winning sustainable Swedish design


Sustainable Swedish design

Travel pocket

Travel pocket included

Both models

Replaceable filters

Long lasting & replaceable filters

5-layer filter tech

Advanced 5-layer filter technology, tested for various international standards*

3D nose foam

3D memory nose-foam & shapeable nose-clip for minimal air leakage


4-size system designed for kids, teenagers and adults


Ergonomic shape to fit all face types

Washable skin

Washable and anti-bacterial mask-skin, treated with Polygiene®

UPF 50+

UPF 50+ sun & ultraviolet protection

Our masks protects against

Car emissions

Filters out PM2.5 and PM10


10-100 μm particle size

Pet dander

5-10 μm particle size


Filters down to 0.3 μm particle size


0.3-60 μm particle size


Filters down to 0.3 μm particle size


Fitlers down to 1-100 μm particle size


Removes gaseous substances


Filters down to 3-40 μm particle size

Tobacco smoke

Filters down to 0.3-1 μm particle size

Our filters have a 98% filtering efficiency

Grey circle indicates the size of human hair

Beach sand

50-180 μm

White blood cell

25 μm


15 μm

Dust particle (PM 10)

< 10 μm

Red blood cell

> 10 μm

Respiratory droplets

5-10 μm

Dust particle (PM 2.5)

7-8 μm


1–3 μm

Wildfire smoke

0.4–0.7 μm


0.3–0.5 μm