Why choose an Airinum mask over other mask types?

Why choose an Airinum mask over other mask types?

Countless face mask brands emerged on the market when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Most of these new brands made big claims while in reality offering very little protection against viruses or other airborne hazards such as air pollution and allergens.

This brief overview of the different types of masks will help you to make an informed decision about which mask is best suited to your health needs. It’s worth remembering that there are different factors to consider depending on whether you want to reduce the risk of catching a virus while commuting, prevent allergy symptoms, or protect your lungs from other contaminants in the air.

Cloth masks

Standards: ASTM F2299 or technical equivalent in the USA, CWA 17553 in Europe & GB/T 38413-2019 in China.

Use cases: Cloth masks have been widely used by the general public since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Face masks are masks made of fabric, often cotton, that are worn over the mouth and nose. Most often they do not include a filter insert, and those that do still offer a very low level of protection due to inadequate fit and low filter capabilities. The greatest benefits of cloth masks are that they are widely available and can be washed and reused; however, studies have found that cloth masks typically block just 10-30% of aerosol-sized particles that contribute to the airborne spread of viruses including COVID-19.

Surgical Masks

Standards: ASTM Level 1, ASTM Level 2 & ASTM Level 3 in the USA, Type I, Type I R, Type II & Type II R in Europe & YY/T 0969-2013 & YY 0469-2011 in China.

Use cases: Dentists, surgeons, other healthcare professionals, etc.

Surgical masks are intended to prevent the spread of exhaled air and droplets to a patient. They are loose-fitting and do not form a seal around the nose or mouth, while at the same time offering relatively poor filter technology. However, even low performing masks such as surgical masks provide 47-50% protection from coronavirus particles and can reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses when widely worn by the general public. 

Industrial Respirators

Standards: N95, N99 & N100 in USA, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 in Europe; KN 90, KN 95 & KN 99 in China.

Use cases: Workers on industrial sites, painters, etc.

These masks are often referred to as ‘the gold standard of air masks’. Industrial respirators are intended to protect the wearer, and offer greater protection than both cloth and surgical masks to other people in the wearer’s close proximity. The main reason for this is the mask’s close facial fit in comparison to other types of masks (the masks form a seal around the nose and mouth), as well as their more advanced filter technology which makes them more effective at filtering out airborne particles. In terms of filtration efficiency, most masks in this category will filter out up to 95% of particles in the air.

Specialized Masks

Standards: Same as industrial.

Use cases: Premium protection for the general public.

Specialized masks are innovative air masks for members of the general public who want industrial protection without harming the environment. These masks use similar technology to industrial respirators but also come with a skin cover to protect the filter. They are washable and reusable which makes them suitable for long-term use.

Airinum offers two of the most advanced specialized air masks on the market today: the Urban Air Mask 2.0 and the Lite Air Mask. Both of these masks provide over 99% protection against viruses and bacteria, as well as filtering out other air hazards like smog and pollen, without compromising your commitment to sustainability. They’re the mask of choice for people who want to protect their health as well as the planet.

Dig deeper into the many ways wearing an Airinum mask can safeguard your health.

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