The Airinum story - from 2015 to today

The Airinum story - from 2015 to today

Airinum is a Swedish health-tech brand founded in 2015. Since then, we have provided people with innovative everyday accessories that combat the health effects of climate change.

Who is behind the brand?

Our founders Alexander Hjertstrom and Fredrik Kempe established Airinum together. They set out to find a sustainable solution that safeguarded people from the harmful impact of air pollutants. Combining progressive, science-led product development with Swedish design principles, they created a product that breathed stylish new life into the world of air masks.

How has the brand evolved?

Today, Airinum supports healthier living for people all over the world. We provide knowledge and health-tech products that empower people to take charge of their health while at the same time actively contributing to a better future.

What’s next for Airinum?

There are plenty of new and innovative products in the pipeline as we strive for a cleaner, brighter future. As air pollution worsens and the occurrence of infectious diseases increases, we will continue to seek new ways to provide people with products that protect their health and prolong their lives.

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