How to protect yourself during smog season

How to protect yourself during smog season

 Winter is approaching and the smog season is soon upon us. A lot of people might think that pollution gets worse during the summer but, it’s actually the contrary. During winter the cool air is trapped under the warm air above that forms an atmospheric ‘lid’. As the polluted air stays close to the earth’s surface, humans experience more days of smog during fall and winter than in the summertime. The phenomenon is called winter inversion.

For those parts of the world that are leaving summer behind we want to share these tips on how to stay protected and healthy through the haze this winter. 

  1.   Air mask

There is no way around it. You need a good air mask. Although a lot of people stock up on disposable surgical masks, they are neither protective nor sustainable. What you need is a pollution mask that will protect you against hazardous airborne particles as small as 0.3μm and allow you to breathe clean air in any environment. Our Urban Air Mask comes with a KN95 certified five-layer filter technology in order to provide superior protection. The mask skin is washable and reusable, making it a sustainable option during the smog season.

  1.   Air purifier

Even though the most dangerous air is the outside air, studies have shown that pollution also affects the air quality in your home. Get yourself an air purifier and use it during the worst days of smog. This will make a huge difference for your lungs and the quality of your sleep.

  1.   Eye drops

If you spend a lot of time outdoors during days of haze you can experience itchy and sore eyes, sensitivity to air and sun and even mild blurred vision. Use eye drops 2-3 times a day to keep your eyes clean and moist.

  1.   Use a hat and detox shampoo

Pollution will affect all parts of your body, and that includes the top of your head. Covering your head with a hat or using detox shampoo and styling products is a good way to protect your hair and scalp from any airborne particles that could be toxic and harmful.

  1.   Change your clothes

During days of smog, there are tiny toxic chemicals in the air that will find their way into the fibers in your clothes. Make it a habit to change your clothes as soon as you come inside to avoid getting irritated skin and rashes.

  1.   UV block

Use sunblock all day, every day, even if it’s not practically sunny. It will serve as a barrier between the polluted air and your skin. Make sure you clean your face before going to bed to not clog your pores and remove any dust or bacteria from your face before sleep.

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