How to choose a face mask for travel

How to choose a face mask for travel

As COVID-19 restrictions around the world begin to ease, whether or not you wear a mask becomes an individual choice. While many airports and airlines have scrapped the mask mandate, that doesn’t mean COVID-19 and other airborne bugs aren’t still a health risk. Those of you who still intend on wearing a mask while traveling should invest in a mask that will be comfortable and protective for the duration of your journey.

Features to look for in a face mask for travel

Fit and comfort are essential when choosing a face mask for long-term use. Even if your flight is relatively short, you may still choose to wear the mask in the busy airport - which could mean several hours of mask-wearing altogether.

Disposable masks, of which surgical masks are an example, might feel comfortable but don’t create a tight enough sealing to provide adequate protection. On the other hand, a reusable cloth mask might feel fitted, and so you’d assume it offers good protection; however, most often, they do not include filters and as a result offer barely any protection.

Airinum masks are designed to fit all face shapes and include adjustable functions, so you can shape the mask to suit you. The masks are equipped with 3D memory foam on the nose and a shapeable nose clip to create a snug sealing and prevent air leakage. A detachable and adjustable head clip relieves pressure from the ears during travel, ensuring maximum comfort on even longer flights.

Face masks are only as good as their testing and certification. Certification verifies that a product is effective and compliant with specific regulations. Certified masks are tested for their filtration efficiency - in other words, their ability to catch and filter airborne hazards such as viruses and bacteria, air pollution, and allergens.

Both the Urban Air Mask 2.0 and the Lite Air Mask have been rigorously tested at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and are KN95 certified, similar to the US’s N95 certification or the European FFP2 certification.

Some airlines recommend taking a couple of masks to wear on the journey for hygiene purposes. Disposable masks are behind the growing issue of mask litter, and so, while they may feel like the most hygienic option, they are far from the most sustainable.

Airinum masks are treated with Polygiene®, a treatment that reduces microbes (virus, bacteria and fungi) in two hours. You can even wear them comfortably in warmer temperatures thanks to the ultra-breathable mask skin. They are also washable, so you can hand wash and reuse the mask once you reach your destination.

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