• Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack
  • Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack
  • Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack
  • Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack

Urban Air Filter 2.0 / 3-Pack

$24 USD

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The Urban Air Filter 2.0 provides superior protection against harmful particles in the air. The multi-layer filter technology is tested in world-class Swedish laboratory (RISE) with results showing 98% filtering efficiency against particles down to 0.3μm in size. The filter is available in 4 sizes and each filter pack contains 3 replaceable filters. 

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 across the globe, we have decided to only offer a more reliable express shipping option at the moment to mitigate shipping issues and provide a better experience for all customers.

The expected time of delivery will be 1-6 business days depending on your location, shipping is free on all orders over 150 USD.
3 replaceable filters for the Urban Air Mask 2.0
How long can I use one filter?
Each filter lifetime depends on many factors such as the pollution in your surroundings. Our filters last for about 100 hours, but we advise to change every second week for hygienic reasons.

Can I return the filters?
Our filter is a hygiene product and can only be returned if unopened in the original packaging. If you have opened the package and are not satisfied with our product, please write to support@airinum.com and we will do our very best to help you out on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any other questions, please visit our FAQ or send us an email to support@airinum.com.

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