Polishing Cloth



Polishing Cloth
Polishing Cloth
Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth


This supersoft Polishing Cloth is perfect for a safe and effective cleaning of your everyday items. The Polishing Cloth is treated with Polygiene® BioMaster™ antibacterial technology to keep your belongings like your laptop clean and fresh.

Product highlights

Peace of mind

Our antimicrobial technology kills unwanted bacteria and viruses on your belongings when in contact with the fabric, so you can have a peace of mind while on the go.

Keep good hygiene

World Health Organisation highlights the importance of keeping your belongings clean, which our antimicrobial treatment helps with.

Wear more, wash less

Our antimicrobial fabric treatment inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so your products need less washing which saves water and energy and increase the longevity of your products.

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