Glacier White

Glacier White

Protect your health, protect the planet

"The CIA said that sea level rise is actually the main threat to security."

Glacier White: more than a mask

"Glaciers all across the world are retreating. If glaciers keep on melting at the rate they are melting today, sea level will increase faster. As a result, populations that live along coastlines will be displaced, which in turn, will lead to migrations impacting everyone." - Heïdi Sevestre, glaciologist. Part of the proceeds of the upcoming colorway will contribute to Heïdi Sevestre's next glacier research project. As always, all donations are powered by Milkywire.

This is Heïdi

Heïdi is a Glaciologist who, in April 2021, led the first carbon-neutral science expedition in the Arctic in modern times. Her research provides invaluable information on glaciers, such as black carbon particles, which could be vital in preventing further glacial melting and rising sea levels. In addition, Heïdi advises governments worldwide on questions regarding glaciers and climate change.

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