Your wellness is affected by your belongings

Your belongings contain millions of bacteria that you touch everyday


your phone carries 20 times more germs than a toilet seat

Your keys are as dirty as the London subway

A cesspool of germs

Cosmetics become prime breeding ground for contamination, researchers explained, because of inadequate cleaning. They can carry germs such as E.coli which can be found in faeces

By keeping your belongings clean you can elevate your health

Advice from World Health Organization

WHO recommends to keep your belongings clean as part of a preventative routine against germs

It started with hand washing

From an early age we’ve been taught to wash our hands to keep germs at bay, yet never have we created an imprinted routine for making sure all our belongings are clean too.

Evolution of preventative routines against germs

Hand washing

Hand sanitizing

Wearing a face mask

Antimicrobial bags

The future is inside our bags

Our antimicrobial fabric treatment extinguishes viruses, microbes, bacteria and fungi. It’s been proven to reduce tested viruses, including SARS-Cov-2 with a reduction rate of 99.99%.

Peace of mind while on the go

Self-sanitizing bags

Our bags are the true partner to your accessories—a clean storage that repel and kill unwanted microbes. Protect your necessories, so that that they can protect you.