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Launching on Kickstarter Logo March 19th
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care about air?

We talk a lot about drinking clean water, eating healthy food, as well as the importance of protecting our skin. But, what about the air we breathe? Air is the most fundamental necessity, yet we rarely think twice about the air we inhale.

3 minutes

Is the amount of time you can survive without breathing.

3 days

Is the amount of time you can survive without drinking.

3 weeks

Is the amount of time you can survive without eating.

You inhale 20,000 times every day.
Yet, 99% of the worlds population breathe unhealthy air.



The biggest threats are a mix of pollution, allergens, and pathogens. The air you breathe fills your lungs, enters the blood, and ultimately powers every cell in your body. But invisible microparticles and gases also enter your body and clog your system, impeding your overall well-being. Latest research has shown that these various types of particles have been found in the lungs, heart, and even the brain.


the invisible

Whether you are struggling with allergies, tackling pet dander, aiming to reduce bacteria levels, or simply wish to improve air quality – Hale is the answer.


Filters out smoke, particulate matter, VOCs, and more, for a noticeably cleaner, healthier indoor environment.


Effectively removes pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander, making your space a haven for allergy sufferers.


Advanced tech captures airborne bacteria, viruses, including flu and common cold pathogens.