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Air Mask Active

Our most advanced air mask offers outstanding breathability, fit and protection during all activities.


Urban Air Mask 2.0

The perfect balance between protection and comfort. Sustainable and award-winning Swedish design, made to last


Lite Air Mask

Advanced protection & lightweight comfort


Antimicrobial bags

Our bags are the true partner to your necessories—a clean storage that repel and kill unwanted microbes. Protect your necessories, so that that they can protect you.

Mask Bag Pro Antiviral

Designed to keep your mask, phone, keys and wallet clean and fresh with antimicrobial treated textile by Polygiene ViralOff® Technology.

1 color


A two-fold mission

Climate change and air pollution are two sides of the same coin. Both pose serious threats to our health and the health of our planet, yet many of us still don’t think twice about the air we breathe.